Rhododendron / Daphne and others
  Ulmus parvifolia Hokkaido Dwarfm
  Very slow growth.
  Location: sun, partial shade
  Very suitable for bonsai and small rock gardens
  Height: 15 cm
  € 6.00
  Sold out
  Salix serpillifolia
  Crawl low over rocks
  Location: full sun, dry, well-drained soil.
  Flowering: pink
  Height: 20 cm
  Counrty: Southern Spain and Algeria
  € 3.00
  Salix finmarchica
  Height: 10 cm.
  Flowering: greenish
  € 4.00
  Toaxodium distichum Peve Minaret
  Location: possible on wet soil in swamp
  Narrow pyramidal, semi-open crown
  € 4,00
  Rhamnus microcarpa
  Beautiful glossy leaves
  Height: 15 cm
  Country: Russia
  € 4,00
  Sold Out
  Punica granatum 'Nana'
  Beautiful glossy leaves
  Flowering: Red
  Height: 100 cm
  Country: Native to Asia
   € 4,00
  Plectranthus ernstii
  Flowering: violet blue very long flowering
  Evergreen: Evergreen, not hardy
  Height: Max.30 cm
  Very suitable for bonsai
  Overwinter frost free
  € 6,00
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