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Hosta or heart lily is a genus of twenty five to forty species of asparagus family (Asparagaceae).

The gender is native to northeast Asia.
There are a large number of hybrids and cultivars.
The wild species are offered little.
In the meanwhile, crossing, fertilization and spontaneous hybrids have created thousands of forms, many of which originate in the United States. In the 1980s many forms were found that seemed quite similar.
Hosta is a beautiful permanent garden plant, planted in shaded gardens. That's fine, but today there are also countless Hostas that do well in the sun, and there are even quite a lot of people in the sun.
We grow miniature Hosta that do not exceed 20 centimeters. A single species becomes something bigger.
Many species fit excellently in the rock garden, making sure they are in a humus-rich soil. Also for troughs, bowls and pots it is a beautiful plant.
With us they are in various places in the alpine garden.
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