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Rhododendron remaining small for the Alpine garden.
An extensive family they occur in, China and Japan, but also the Caucasus and Asia Minor. Then there are also some species in North America. Rhododendron arborescens, which, incidentally, smell wonderfully. There are even a few species in Europe. All varieties that we sell are hardy.
We have various types of dwarf Rhododendron, some also suitable for bonsai.
The dwarf Rhododendron is a plant for lovers beautiful in an alpine garden and the very low species can also go in a trough. The plant needs extra care, especially in the winter. This plant wants a moderately nutrient-rich, moist to moist, sandy soil, consisting of humus-rich sand or a mixture with some digested beech leaf. Has a preference for acid to neutral soil (pH = 4.5 - 7). Requires a slightly shaded spot. Do not place the plant under a tree or shrub, but in a light place. Many species can stand in the sun. But not the hot afternoon sun. With us they stand throughout the entire rock garden.

Daphne remaining small for the Alpine garden.
We all know the normal Daphne, but there are many more species. Many are quite difficult to grow and only suitable for experienced rock plant enthusiasts. Yet they should be in an Alpine garden. Give them loose loose soil and a little lime won't hurt. They prefer to be in an open space, where they grow both in the sun and in the partial shade. Transplanting is almost impossible, so put them immediately in the right place.
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Photo private garden
Photo bonsai garden Rolf Meater Germany
Photo bonsai garden Rolf Meater Germany